• Age: 2 Years

  • Size: Large

  • Sex: Male

  • Can be homed with other dogs?: Yes

  • Can be homed with cats?: Yes

  • Can be homed with older children?: Teenagers or adult only

  • Current location: Scotland

  • Ready to travel in: Now

  • Immunisation and Medicals

  • Spayed or neutered:Yes

  • Fully vaccinated, flea and wormed, microchipped, pet passport. OVER 12 months 4dx tested. Under 12 months tested for brucellosis.

  • Get to know



    🐕‍🦺 What is my name: Baxter

    🐕 How old am I: approximately 2 years old

    🇬🇧 My gender is: Male

    🐕‍🦺 My size/estimated size is: I am Large sized and I currently weigh 32KG. I’m still putting weight on to get to my healthy weight, so I may end up heavier.

    🇬🇧 What is my personality like: i am shy at first but once I settle, I am an incredibly affectionate boy. I love cuddles and fusses and spending lots of time with my caregivers. I love going for long walks and am my happiest when outside. I would like a home that can provide me with lots of outdoor enrichment and walks. I have only been in the UK for around 1.5 months. In this time I haven’t learnt many commands, but I do know stay, come/here and walkies. I’m a clever boy, so would benefit from a home who want to give me further training.

    🐕‍🦺 Do I like other dogs: I love other dogs

    🐕 Do I like cats: I can live with cats as long as slow introductions are made.

    🇬🇧 Do I like children: I would be best in a home with older teenagers or just adults.

    🐕‍🦺 Do I have any medical issues: No, I’m a healthy boy.

    🐕 Do I have any behavioural issues: I haven’t been in the UK for very long, so I’m still really learning. I really struggle with guests entering the home and find it to be an incredibly overwhelming and stressful experience. Due to this on one occasion, I did nip a guest that entered the home, but I caused no injuries and didn’t break the skin. On another occasion I did a warning snap at a dog walker. I’m a shy boy and at times quite nervous, so I just struggle a lot with people I don’t know very well. Other than this, I haven’t ever shown any aggressive behaviours at all and have only ever been gentle and haven’t even barked.

    🇬🇧 What sort of home do I need: I need a quite home with a large garden. I love spending lots of my time outside so I would like a garden with plenty of space to enjoy. I will need my caregivers to have a quiet home environment without many guests until I have had the necessary time and training to overcome my issues with new people.

    🐕‍🦺 Am I spayed/neutered: Yes

    🐕 Can I walk on a leash: Yes I walk well on a leash, I love walks.

    🇬🇧 What is my favourite thing to do: I love going for walks, spending time in the garden and being around mg owners☺️

    🐕‍🦺 What don’t I like: I don’t like guests entering the home, I can also be nervous around vehicles on walks.

    🐕 What treatments have I had: I am neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped, flea and wormed, 4DX tested, brucellosis & leishmaniasis tested

    🇬🇧 How do I travel: We ask fosterers and adopters who are Interested in UK based dogs to meet at a half way point with his current home, due to this, UK dogs have a reduced fee and fosterers are offered fuel reimbursement.

    🐕‍🦺 How do you adopt me: Please message me directly to discuss processes.

    🐕 Full rescue back up is provided, home check and adoption fees apply

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