Our Story

The Paw Project UK was founded in August 2021 by Simone, who has been in the rescue community for a few years. She wanted to create her own community and rescue facility to ensure everything was done to the highest of standards and to help many dogs to achieve their happy ending.

We have a vigorous adoption process and only accept applications of high standard. We work with multiple reputable rescuers in Romania and North Macedonia who all have a different quantity and variety of dogs. We pride ourselves in having honest and truthworth relationships with our rescuers so that we can work together and find all dogs a suitable home.

We aren’t your standard rescue with set rules on who can adopt from us, we believe dogs can have a wonderful life regardless of certain home setups. We do adopt to flats, homes without gardens and have even had two adopters who lived in caravans and the dogs are extremely happy! These situations are all dog dependant of course and wont suit all dogs.

Meet the team


Position in the rescue - Founder

I’m Simone, I’m 30 years old and a married mum of three children and two Romanian furbabies. I founded The Paw Project UK in August 2021 after being involved in rescue for a couple of years. After adopting my first Romanian rescue dog and doing a lot of research I saw how horrendous the dogs were treated and decided I wanted to help all I could. I volunteered for a couple of different rescues before deciding to open my own. I’m very passionate about what I do and put my heart into helping as many dogs as I can to find suitable safe homes in the UK. I pride myself in trying to run the rescue to very high standards with the help of my amazing team.


Position in the rescue - Executive manager

I'm Jasmin, I am an owner of four Romanian Rescues, 3 of which I was lucky enough to adopt from the Paw Project. I have always been passionate about making the lives of dogs better. I got my first Romanian rescue in 2019. After that I realised that so many little lives were desperately in need of help. After adopting my first from The Paw Project UK, I decided I wanted to volunteer with them and joined the team. I have a 2 diplomas in canine communication and one in pet psychology. I am lucky enough to help manage a few teams and work with the most incredible and passionate people to change the lives of so many dogs.


Position in the rescue - Executive Manager

Im Tania I'm 46 and head of homechecks and also part of the welfare check team I work in the beauty industry but I'm currently doing an advanced diploma in dog training/ behavioural hopefully leading to working full time in that field. I Have two beautiful rescues of my own who I adore and love being apart of this amazing team


Position in the rescue - Adoptions Manager

Hello everyone I’m Hannah I’m 25 years old and I’m fundraising manager and also one of the adoption managers at the paw project uk. I also own my own business making and selling my own wax melts as well as looking after 2 children and 4 dogs of my own all from the paw project. I’ve always dreamed of having a dog of my own and now I have 4 amazing dogs. I also take in foster dogs now and again. I came across the paw project nearly a year ago and thought wow I’d love to be able to help as the way dogs are treated over there is absolutely appalling. I was accepted as an adoption admin which was amazing and now I’ve been promoted to adoption manager. I absolutely love what I do! It gives me so much joy finding these doggies a home and seeing them happy in their new homes. The feeling of joy never goes away even after being here for nearly a year I still get it.


Position in the rescue - Adoption manager

I'm Hollie, I am from Staffordshire, UK. I have fostered Romanian rescues for a few years now and have always been very passionate about helping these doggies find their perfect homes. I've visited Romania and have seen for myself the devastating reality of the situation surrounding dogs over there, this has urged me to do everything I can to help. I am one of the adoption managers and I find great pleasure in matching these lovely dogs to the correct families. I enjoy nothing more than seeing them happy and progress in their new homes. I love what I do and hope to help many dogs in the future. I really like researching about Romanian rescues and sharing my knowledge with the adopters of our dogs. Building bonds with the adopters is amazing and I pride myself on being available to help and support whenever I can.