Meet the rescuers

Do you ever wonder who the incredible people over in Romania and North Macedonia are? Well you have come to the right place to find out! Keep reading to find out more.


Mia has been rescuing dogs for seven years, she currently has 200/250 dogs in her care. She also has around 20 dogs a time in her home! Mia does most of this sigle handed and spends almost all day everyday caring for her dogs. She creates such amazing bonds with them and loves them all dearly.


Anda has been rescuing dogs for three years and currently has around 20 dogs in her care. Anda spends so much of her time at the shelter caring for the dogs and ensuring they have everything that they need. She even helps the most timid of dogs who she works with longer term before trying to find them a home.


Linda has been rescuing dogs for around eight years It has always been her passion to help these dogs be happy and safe and to find their forever homes. She spends almost all of her time saving these poor souls from the streets and kill shelters and currently has just over 200 dogs in her care!

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