FAQs & Advice

Our adoption fee is £490 and this includes all vaccinations, microchip, flea and worming treatments, Brucellosis testing, 4DX testing if the dog is over one year old and spaying/neutering if old enough, vet checks, transport directly to your home address, passport and travel documents.

We provide all of our rescue dogs with full rescue backup for life. This means that at any time of the dog’s life, if your circumstances change and you cannot any longer take care of the dog, we will always take the dog back into our care and find another suitable home.

We carry out our home checks virtually via video calls, during the call we will expect to see the main living areas of your home, including the gardens. We don’t need to see bedrooms or bathrooms. We will ask some questions and answer any questions you may have, we will also give you a lot of advice about Romanian rescue dogs.

If they are over 9 months old then yes, if they are under 6 months old then no. Between 6-9 months it varies, some are and some aren’t depending on the history.

Due to most of our dogs living outdoors, most will need house training, although a lot of them pick it up very quickly! A lot of our dogs have been on leads and are fine, others haven’t and will require patience and training.

Each adopter has their own adoption chat that will never be deleted. Any questions or advice needed can be asked here. We offer full support and advice after adoption and will always be happy to help.

What to expect from my Romanian rescue dog / pup

Rescuing a dog is like having a baby, very very hard work! Be prepared for lots of toileting accidents. Lots of pee and poop!

  • Your rescue dog doesn’t like your other pets? They will have had to fight for food, love and shelter, they will learn to play nice. they don’t know your animal isn’t a threat right away.
  • Going on long walks can take weeks and sometimes even months, some of them don’t like leads and collars because they were caught by dog catchers.
  • Your dog will likely have some guarding issues over food, toys, beds, even you! They have never been loved like this and need time to learn they are safe and will always have food.
  • Your dog most likely will not want to cuddle and play right away, they may have known humans to hurt them and don’t know you won’t do the same.
  • Be prepared for puppy mouthing and rough play, they can leave marks, they don’t know how to be gentle!

Not prepared for hard work that takes months? Then please don’t adopt, get a teddy instead!

How long does our process take?

Once you have had an initial chat with an adoption team member and you have decided to apply for the dog in question, you will be asked to fill in the application forms.

The forms are usually checked straight away but could take up to one day. Once the forms are checked, you will be asked for a photo of your garden.

Once we have the photo of your garden, we will create your adoption group chat with the founder, executives and adoption manager who will approve your adoption. This is usually done within a couple of hours.

If your application is approved, you will be asked to pay the £75 reservation fee so that your video home check can be booked.

The home check is usually booked for within 3 – 14 days.

Our process is fast and straightforward which is one of our strongest points. Please be aware of this before applying and ensure you are sure you and your family are all in agreement with adopting a dog from us.